Paroxetine (trade name of Seroxat, Paxil 20 mg) is a selective inhibitor of the serotonin-renewal antidepressing (SSRIs). The Commercialization of the drug began in 1992 of the pharmaceutical company SmithKline Beecham, now Glaxo SmithKline. The paroxetine is the biggest used to treat depression, the compulsive disorders, panic, social widespread fears and disorders of the fear with the adults outpatiently.

Paxil 20mg relieves a big number of emotional problems. It can be prescribed for the SERIOUS, persistent depressions, with historical which capacity, disturbs the function. The symptoms of this type of depression that often the changes in the appetite and the boss of sleep, a frame of mind persistently low, loss of interest for the personnel and the activities, decree of the sexual instinct, feelings of uselessness or fault, the suicide thought of concentration disorders, slow down and the thought.

The efficacy of the paroxetine in adults with depression is comparable with the tricyclic antidepressants, with less side effects and minor toxicity. The difference with the new antidepressants are subtle and especially the side effects are limited. It divide the most frequent side effects and the contraindications of other SSRIs, with high valuations of morning sickness and genitals hypnolepsy The side effects. In contrast with the two Other popular SSRI antidepressants, the fluoxetine and the sertraline, paroxetine, it is with an clinically Increase Significantly in the weight and an Increase significantly as per statistics of the risk of adults with suicidal tendencies. Pediatric depression with paroxetine studies it did not show to demonstrate efficacy and projection on the danger of the Harmful results, by virtue of the same selfdamage Episodes of the Tendency and Potentially suicidal.

Also, 20 mg paxil pill is for the disorder of panic, emotional problems, such with a paralyzation of the attacks at least four characterized symptoms following it: to go down palpitations, sweating, to wave, the awkwardness, to shake or boiling heat, lacking in breath, to the sensation of shortness of breath, of breast prescribed to the pains, morning sickness or stomachaches, or sickness of faint sensation, the sensation of the unreality or the separation, the fear of the control panel or the fear of the death.

The paroxetine goes to meet on a High Risk of Aborting or resigns syndrome. For the risk of defects of evil of birth, the pregnant women who or glide to be recommended to pregnant women to avoid or finish the use of paroxetine.

According to the specializing of information of the manufacturer of the mark due paroxetine paxil 20 mg (Glaxo Smith Kline) and of the Feeding and Medicines of the USA (FDA), the efficacy of the major depression with paroxetine turned from six controlled clinical studies with placebo they have demonstrate. For the panic disorder, respectively, three of 10 studies of 12 weeks to compared to placebo, paroxetine Superiority. Better fear is also Indicated to three studies of 12 weeks for adult ambulatory Patients with social disorder with paroxetine placebo That reaction. That other studies show the benefit of 10-20% Patients Compared to the placebo major Risk.

Can be prescribed Paxil for Widespread fear of the disorder, an illness excessive marked by the fear and worry that extends for at least six months and simply not it went. The cases of certification Widespread fear of disorder are, at least three Following Symptoms: sensation of worry or above or of codification in the end, to dispose of tendency with too much facility, Difficulties of concentration or the magic of the mind extinguisher if the irritability or accompany the muscle tone of the sleep disorders.

For the most frequent side effects with the Treatment of the depressions paroxetine and associates in the information of the specialty, Which Have the Biggest Difference Compared to placebo, the morning sickness (26% versus 9% of the paroxetine in the placebo group), drowsiness (23% Opposite to 9% with placebo), disorders of the ejaculation (13% Opposite to 0% with placebo), Other genital illness masculine (opposite to 10% 0% with placebo), asthenia (15% to 6% with Opposite placebo), sweating (11% Opposite to 2% with placebo), sickness (13% Opposite to 6% with placebo), insomnia (13% Opposite to 6% with placebo), mouth dryness (18% versus 12% with placebo) I block (14% Opposite to 9% with placebo) and shakes (8% Opposite to 2% with placebo). Other side effects are Cephalalgia, worry, Increase of weight, disorders of memory and paresthesia.

Buy paxil 20 mg. The general side effects are mostly During the first 1-4 weeks, while the body Acquires a tolerance of the medicine, although as soon as this happens, periods are capable of making to step back to a rebound effect with again in an emergent Symptoms Excessive form in a lot of time. Almost all the SSRIs are Known by him, cause of one or more is Already Symptoms of these. A Human Being Who is capable of doing under Treatment with paroxetine Some experiences, all or none to the side effects end, and most of the side effects disappear or During The Treatment Diminish, although Some During the Period of last year in May. Usually side effects are so dependent on the dose, with less and / or less Serious Symptoms That I have reported with lower doses, it will be Informed of / or Severe Than Symptoms with Higher doses. It Increases or Changes in the dose it cause Symptoms dog, Therefore, the return again to Themselves or aggravate it.

Paxil 20mg is for the stress disorder also postcards - traumatic, a disabling illness sometimes that develops in answer to a catastrophic spine-chilling experience prescribed or. The Symptoms That obstinately refuse to memories reduces the adverse reactions and sleep, if it confronts intense pain with memories of the event, a general anesthesia of interest and the happiness, nervousness, irritability, bad sleep, and the loss of the concentration.

Takes Paxil eleven day, with or without food, especially in the morning. Inform doctor if it is historical or taking thinks, Some subjects to prescription or the book-keepers of taking medicines, Possibly because they interact in an unfavorable way with paxil 20 mg. Before the suspension well wave historical use. Paxil CR must swallow in historical set, must be crushed Neither chewer be normal.

Also, the progress turns Into the biggest depression with a deterioration of the symptoms, and / or the genesis of suicidal thoughts or adult standards of Behavior and the children if she associates the antidepressants. The Individuals, with paxil 20 mg and his persons in charge are treating, it HAD to go for Every change of the new or Symptoms Symptoms appear, the Suddenly Excitement over everything, the fear, Hostility, fear, worry, extreme hyperactivity and the Thought of suicide to or restriction, and one doctor Immediately divide the clock Indicated it. It is a special care in the Beginning of the Treatment or if the dose of a change.

The recommended initial dose to 12.5 milligrams Amounts Taken for day ace to norm of the morning. The doctor will Give His Instructions to the patient the dose be WHO Begins every day of the month or only two weeks During Before The menstruation (the luteal phase of historical cycle). When it is NECESSARY the dose of 25 mg per day can get up.

In 2007, 94 paroxetine in the list of medicines Sold it the most qualified, with more than $ 1,000,000,000 of the business volume. In 2006, the fifth most prescribed antidepressant in the United States turn on the retail market, with More Than 19.7 million recipes. In 2007 the business volume facility in HAD sunk with 18.1 millions, on But It Keeps Being the fifth most prescribed antidepressant in the USA.
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